Mark Millar adaptations have not really been worked on. His last famous adaptation was the Angelina Jolie starrer Wanted, but then came the whirlwind Kick Ass. The latter really put his work on the map. There is going to be another work of his up for film adaptation.

The horrible Tony Scott has been eyeing Nemesis for sometime now. Fox has now picked up the rights for his recent work called Nemesis. It was co-created with artist Scott McNiven. Now Tony Scott is attached to direct the film, which is really not a good sign.

The comic Nemesis tells when Batman has been switched as the Joker what will be the state of things? The main character is bent upon avenging his dead parents, travels the world picking cops to torment, and finally reaches Washington D.C. To confront the cop who caused his family’s deaths. This looks really violent material, which is certain to get messed up by Tony Scott.

Mark Millar is quite happy to have Tony Scott on board for this one. The idea of Batman being Joker is quite interesting, but the treatment is just going to be horrible.

Source: The Playlist