He seems to be taking himself deeper into a lot of rubbish. I just hope Johnny Depp does not follow him this time to the end of a mess. Tim Burton is working on Monsterpocalypse.

The films which were not really good in Tim Burton’s career include Alice in Wonderland and the silly Mars Attack. The new film is based on a game that centers on mankind’s fight against giant monster. But the human eventually forces them to retreat underground. Now over there the beasts are sending signals to outer space.

In the meantime mankind builds silly robots to carry out future attacks. The film will be in 3D and it will concentrate on the fight of mankind with all they can get their hands on. Tim Burton is developing the project and will eventually direct the film as well. Ken Ralston will be working on the special effects of the movie for the time being.

So it will not be healthy to give Tim Burton a lot of money. He might something quite crappy and rope in Johnny Depp in the process.