Jennifer Connelly has just talked about the new film by Dustin Lance Black called What is Wrong with Virginia. She will star alongside Ed Harris, Emma Roberts and Amy Madigan.

The film centers on a charming but psychologically disturbed mother played by Connelly who holds a secret 20 year affair with a sheriff now running for state senate. Their relationship is then tested when the mother’s 16 year old son begins a relationship with the sheriff’s daughter.

“Yes, I love it, I love the script. It was written by and directed by Dustin Lance Black,” explains the actress. “It’s really hard to pinpoint [what genre it falls under]. It’s funny, but it’s also really moving to me. It’s sort of a moving story of this woman who does have a lot wrong with her, but a lot that’s right about her and her relationship with her son who’s sort of a teen. She’s getting to the point where she kind of needs to let him go. It’s very funny because she’s wildly inappropriate. I thought the script was wildly funny, but also really sad.”

Connelly seems to be really blown by the director’s approach to the film “it was like he was not a first time director. He was remarkable. He really had his wits about him. He is a very clever guy.” Lance Black has in face been behind the camera numerous times albeit for a handful of lo fi sexually tinged efforts early last decade.

The writer director is best known though for his Oscar winning turn in Milk. He will reunite with Gus Van Sant next in the adaptation of The Electric Kool Acid Test. There has been no pick for Virginia but we expect it to release in the fall.