The Toronto Film Festival is around the corner. Mike Mill‘s is getting ready with his second feature called Beginners and it has got many people excited. Ewan Mcgregor seems relaxed doing this film. It has traces of Diving Bell and the Butterfly and that is a good thing.

Mike Mill made the small film called Thumbsuker, which had a huge cast. He also got a great cast for this film as well. Ewan McGregor plays a young man rocked by two announcements from his elderly father one that he has terminal cancer and two that he is coming out of the closet. This already sounds great and hopes it will be as good as the director’s previous effort. The director has to work on the sensitivity department a little more to make this great.

The film stars McGregor along with Melanie Laurent and also Christopher Plummer. The film is called the Beginners and it will be showcased at festival this year.

Source: Ioncinema