Chris Rock to join 2 Days in New York

Chris Rock manages to bag a role in the next Julie Delpy directed film.

Chris Rock is going to get frustrated this time with an appearance in the next Julie Delpy directed film called 2 Days in New York. He really likes French films and it made him make the recent I Think I love My Wife, which was based on the late Eric Rohmer film Love in the Afternoon. He also wants to make another film remake.

He is now part of the cast of the Julie Delpy film. It is a sequel to the 2007 romantic comedy 2 Days in Paris. Delpy will be reprising her role as Marion from the first film. She will have a new lover and a child as well. The last time round Adam Goldberg left her. Chris Rock might be the new lover.

This will be one of the best casting choices in sometime for Chris Rock. So it will be something to watch out for and we will keep you posted.

Source: The Playlist

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