Carla Gugino plays a Mother to fight

Carla Gugino falls into the trap of P2 director.

Carla Gugino has been seen in so many Robert Rodriguez movies. She has turned into a myth. She also famous for scantily clad roles in many of her recent movies. Her next movie will be aptly titled, but there is a pun on the word MILF.

The movie is an abbreviation for Mother I’d Like to Fight. It will be a revenge story about a woman who, recently released from prison, returns to the street to take care of some unfinished business. I had recently come across a horrible movie named P2 with a solid message, which got diluted in all the violence. I hope this one does not turn into something like that. The director of P2 has jumped on board for his low budget revenge horror thriller.

Carla is still in talks for this project, but it is still a go.

source: LA Times

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