The casting process for this film was a really big affair and has finally come too close. Bryan Singer has talked about some of the aspects of the new film. Bryan Singer revealed the truth behind all the casting to Aint It Cool News. Singer discussed almost every aspect of the story as well.

The film will focus on the early relationship between Charles Xavier and Erik Lensherr. This will be a time when Charles Xavier would have hair on his head and also the ability to walk. The filming has been going on in Oxford University, the 1960s setting’s civil rights movement will foreshadow the mutant registration act touched upon in the existing films. They will also show the audience a glimpse of the classic X Men costumes.

Singer also revealed that Cyclops and Jean Grey will not feature in this film. Lucas will be appearing as Havoc. Cyclops will not be seen in this one. The rest of the casting confusion was also addressed in the interview.

The First Class film will also be the most international of the X Films to date. It will not focus on the Americanization of characters like the last couple films. The film will span locations in US, UK and even parts of Russia. The final statement, which made everything, more clearly is the fact that the new movie will not follow the comics verbatim. The film is expected to hit theaters next year in June.