An extraordinary woman Penelope Cruz has turned into. She has so many films lined up in the last couple of years even an Oscar has also brought her image into something more that what she was.

Her next film will be Manolete: The film stars Adrien Brody alongside. This will be a perfect duel between two great Oscar winners.

Manolete tells the story of Spain’s most famous bullfighter, Manuel Manolete Rodriguez, whose original style and tragic death in the bull arena at 30 years turned him into stuff of legend.

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The film gets into the point of view of the bullfighter who is obsessed with Lupe Sino an actress and social beauty who becomes the love of Manolete’s life, despite fierce opposition and jealousy from those closest to him. In his world it is considered bad luck to fall in love with a woman.

Lupe and Manolete are really different from each but something pulls them together. She is so full of life while he lives to die. On the last day of their relationship Lupe has an argument with Manolete and gets into a lot of sadness and rage. He looses his will to live.

This is just a beautiful story with such appropriate casting. I think will be something to watch out for. The film is directed by Menno Meyjes of Martian Child (forget that movie).